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Tag : Video

Ein rätselhafter Film

Under the Skin erzählt von einem ausserirdischen Wesen, das den Körper einer Frau bewohnt – den von Scarlett Johansson.     Nun durchläuft also Scarlett Johansson eine Verwandlung, und dass sie zwar vertraut, zugleich aber nicht wiederzuerkennen ist, das ist das grösste Kompliment, das man ihr machen kann. „Under the Skin“ ist ohne Zweifel einer der exzentrischsten, unheimlichsten, rätselhaftesten Filme seit langem.  

Slow & Fast

Oftentimes when I read a book, I want to savor each word, each phrase, each page, loving the prose so much, I don’t want it to end. Other times the story pulls me in, and I can hardly read fast enough, the details flying by, some of them lost because all that matters is making sure the character is all right when it’s over.

Hoffspring 2014

Das wars also, das Open-Air-Festival auf der Brüder Schnell Terrasse in Burgdorf ist vorbei. Die Superstars von Hoffspring bildeten den Abschluss eines gelungenen Samstagnachmittags.

What a great time we had

Sharing good times with the family is the greatest joy. This is the stuff that makes life worthwhile.

Take your mind away

Water, water, get yourself in the cool, clear, water The sun shines brightly down on the bay The air’s so clean it’ll just take your mind away Take your mind away

Let’s Dance :-)

I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh.    

Empire State

This song is about what it’s like to be from New York (the Empire State). I must admit, I became a little (just a little) emotional looking at the city that became our home for the past days. The roads were we got lost and got really really tired (walking) became a very familiar place to all of us. I will miss this city. The annoying sound that welcomed us during our first night. The (sometimes) scary side streets and […]