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Empire State

This song is about what it’s like to be from New York (the Empire State).

I must admit, I became a little (just a little) emotional looking at the city that became our home for the past days. The roads were we got lost and got really really tired (walking) became a very familiar place to all of us.

I will miss this city. The annoying sound that welcomed us during our first night. The (sometimes) scary side streets and people staring at you, the rude drivers and the cold looking people trying to catch the next train in order not to be late a work. I can’t say that New York was kind to us, but what I can say is that with all the things that I mentioned, this city has a way to slowly creep in your heart and you will learn to appreciate all the noise, the chaos …and above all the life that is New York.

Have a look.

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